Inside BlowOut Preventor (IBOP) is a special tool, which can be stripped through the BOP preempt to be connected with the added drilling tools as soon as possible. When the blowout occurs during lifting operations, the IBOP have many advantages in situation such as, high pressure rating, reliable seal, easy application and operation.

TIANHE Arrow Type Back Pressure valve is an important tool preventing of blowout.

During drilling operation, when a well kick takes place and bit bore is blocked, the by-pass valve can be opened to allow fluid circulation and well killing. Before drilling in a gas formation, the By-Pass valve shall be located near or on the bit.

Float valve Sub is an important tool in petroleum exploration and drilling engineering. The float valve sub is connected at upper part of drill bit. The float valve sub is near the bit connecting thread. The float valve sub can also be used at different necessary position of drill string when required. The main application is, when connected with single piece pipe, it prevents mud from coming in and up blocking the hole. When blowout takes place, blowout in drill string will be avoided because nozzle is closed automatically by valve cap of the float valve assembly .

Cup tester is designed to be attached to the drill string and lowered into the casing beneath the wellhead to test the pressure of the blowout preventer stack and the wellhead. When the cup tester is lowered into the casing beneath the wellhead, pressure is applied to either a test pump or hoisting type cup after filling the hookup with water. This method is fast and accurate

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