CZJ-400IS Open Type Quick-Rotary Hydraulic Bucking Unit is the Hydraulic Make/Break Unit with an Open Type Hydraulic Spinner (Quick-Rotary) Assembly. Open Type Quick Rotary Spinner enables easy loading and unloading of tools during operation. The ease of operation greatly improves work efficiency, and reduces the risk of tools damage due to collision.

CZJ320W Hydraulic Bucking Unit is specifically designed to cater to the structures and mechanical features of completion tools. It offers the most precise and efficient means of achieving proper make-up/break-out torque either on or off the rig floor for completion tools, drilling tools, oil recovery tools, geological tools and other thin-walled tubes. One of the main advantages of CzJ-320W is the design whereby the clamping force is proportional to the torque provided. Moderate clamp force, small make-up torque and its clamp diameter range makes it suitable for make-up and break-out of completion tools.

CZJQZ-II 360° Rotation Hydraulic Make/Break unit is designed to safely and efficiently make-up/break-out downholetoolsandmotors. It adopts a unique 360° rotational headstock clamp design. This unit is designed for fast, accurate anddependablemake up and break out of threaded connections. The 360° rotational clamp design greatly enhances the speed andaccuracyofmake-up and break-out of tools.

CZPT-II Hydraulic make-up/break-out platform is mainly used with Make/ Break unit assisting in the pre-assembly of drilling tools, whereby special guiding and alignment of tools are required for proper locking and unlocking of threads during assembly. The precision of tool alignment is the key to fast and accurate make-up and break-out of tools either in the workshop or on the rig. CZPT-II is generally designed to support all types of Make-up/Break-out Unit for its pre-assembly tool alignment and thread guiding. CZPT-II ensures high production efficiency during make- up/break-out of tools.

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