YTQC type string magnetic is one of the auxiliary tools to ensure normal drilling operation and bottom hole cleaning after downhole accident treatment. The main feature of this product is that it works together with the junk mill in the fishing operation, which is different from the previous practice of lifting the drill after milling, and then connecting the drill string with the strong magnetic fishing device to go down the well for bottom hole cleaning, saving a trip down the well, which saves both drilling costs and fishing time.

Section mills are primarily used to milling sections in the casing (for side tracking, gravel packing)

and perforation zones. TIANHE section mill is available in a variety of Casing sizes, ranging from

4 1/2" to 13 3/8". The blades are all dressed to enable simultaneously milling of the casing. The milling rate is usually limited by the ability of the fluid in removing the cuttings.

TIANHE Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is an external fishing tool for engage, pack off and retrieve tubular fish, especially for fishing drill collar and drill pipe. The grapple of the overshot can be designed for different sizes of fish, so one overshot can be dressed with different size of grapple components for fishing different sizes of fish. 

TIANHE Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshot is a professional fishing tool, designed for engaging and retrieving sucker rods, couplings, and other tubular from inside tubing strings.

Type DLT-T Releasable Reversing Overshot, a new type of fishing tool, has many advantages owned by various overshot, box tap and the like. Its distinguishing features are as follows: to unscrew and recover the stuck fish; To release the fish down hole if necessary; to circulate the washing fluid as one of the accessories for reversing tools. It is widely used in well servicing.

The TIANHE Series 70 Short Catch Overshot is an external fishing tool designed to retrieve tubular fish when the top of the fish is too short to be engaged with other overshot. The Grapple Control is positioned above the Basket Grapple rather than below it to allow the Basket Grapple to occupy the lowest position in the Bowl. This enables the overshot to firmly engage and retrieve a very short fish

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