Lifting-Lower and releasing overshot is a fish tool in the casing which fishes fractured tubing and drill string. If fish drill string is stuck heavily and hard to complete fishing work, while need to release fish, may get back the tool by bumping drill string down and lift directly.

The product is excellent for fishing operations as it does not require rotation. Fishes can be caught or released through simple lifting or lowering of the tool.

TIANHE Releasing Spear provide a more effective means to engage and retrieve an internal fish from the well. It is ruggedly built to withstand severe jarring and pulling strains. It engages the fish over a large area without damaging of the fish. The simple design prevent small parts being lost or damaged in the hole during operation. It may be used with other equipment such as pack-off assemblies and internal cutters. If the fish cannot be pulled, the spear can be easily be released and disengaged.

The reversing subs is also called reversing spear which is a special tool for reversing stuck drill stem above stuck point in drilling and workover operation. In treatment of stuck drill stem, it can work as a fishing pin tap in reversing operation. When fish is stuck or cannot be reversed in fishing or reversing operation, the fish can be reversed from reversing sub and the fishing drill tool is tripped out.

The Cable Fishing Hook is generally used to catch electric pump cables or wirelines and broken pieces of the bent sucker rods in casing.

The Sliding Block Spear is an internal fishing tool used for fishing fallen objects that are generally used in oil perforation process, such as drill pipe, tubing, wash pipe, liner, packer, water distributor, etc. It can also be used for the reversing of stuck fallen objects and it can be used in conjunction with other tools such as jar and back-off tool

The Taper Tap is a special internal catch fishing tool that engages with dropped tubular objects such as drill pipes and tubes by tapping threads on the object surfaces. It is a highly effective tool in the fishing of dropped tubular objects with couplings especially when the tapered threads engaged with the fish couplings. The taper tap can be used for different fishing operations when equipped with left hand threaded or right hand threaded drill pipes and tools. The taper tap is made from high strength alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength and ruggedness. The cutting threads are hardened (wicked) with cutting grooves to ensure proper tapping of threads on the fishes

The die collar, also known as skirted taper tap, is a special external fishing tool that engages with the dropped tubular objects such as drill pipes and oil tubing, by tapping on the external wall of the objects. It can be used in fishing cylindrical objects without inner bore or stuck inner bore.

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