Late autumn

Author: Tianhe oil
Published on: 2023-10-27 13:45
Classification: Tianhe Belles-lettres

In a blink of an eye, autumn is gradually deepening.

Flowing fireflies flutter the lamp, falling leaves are flying, autumn is singing the clear songs of the season. The fragrant night dew drips from the smiling flower face into the palm of the hand, and a wisp of fragrant fragrance flows through the veins of the night.

The autumn moon is shining brightly in my heart, while I lean against the window, dyeing autumn emotions with love. With first-class light ink, I vividly depict our encounter as the most beautiful scenery of this autumn.

Leaning against a window of tranquility, enjoying a spring flower feast, watching the serene autumn leaves of a season. As spring passes and autumn comes, the flowers bloom and fly, holding a deep understanding, cherishing a true love, without regret or resentment.

In fact, longing always comes in an unexpected moment, allowing the gentle longing to pass through the misty rain on the riverbank. The eyes are soft and soft, and the eyebrows are low and interesting to think. The autumn eyebrows and eyes are tinged with the moon's longing; The memory in the palm ripples with the blue light of water.

On the edge of a blooming tree, longing is no longer lonely.

The autumn water is clear, the mind is gentle, and some customs shake the wind chimes under the eaves.

The whispers of autumn insects, the swaying of autumn moons, and the singing of autumn winds are everywhere stained with longing.

Picking a red bean and embracing autumn without saying a word, it's not about being thin and cool, it's about understanding.

Shallow autumn, deeply said, that you, who are far away from the horizon, at this moment, it is the season of autumn's arrival. Has it also colored the thoughts in your heart? Holding the tranquil beauty of an autumn leaf in hand, carefully reading it, saying "Zhen" and holding onto the clarity of the autumn water, expressing a yearning for love.

Feeling a poetic beauty, in the faint fragrance of ink, rolling a curtain full of autumn wind, in the fresh and beautiful sentences, expressing a meaningful sentiment, and with the elegance of autumn, lightly praising season after season of autumn love songs.

A season of fallen leaves, fluttering and patchy, penetrating everywhere, as if they cannot be rolled away, brushing away the lingering autumn thoughts, always feeling your breath clearly at this moment.

The gentle rustling of maple leaves, like your warm words whispering in my ears, gently spreads into my heart. The moon is as soft as water, flowing in the Milky Way of time with the imprint of longing, engraved with the language of a season of flying catkins. Penetrating the original love, a touch of warmth fills the heart, and a touch of warmth falls lightly between the eyebrows. It is as gorgeous as flowers, with autumn dew heavy, and the night as cool as water, gazing at the ends of the earth. Through the beauty of words, we hold hands and look at each other. Sincerely, we read and wrap ourselves in a continuous Acacia, listening to water like thoughts, sliding through the veins of our souls, and a faint dream of you in the corners of the earth. In the days of waiting, there is no sadness, Acacia becomes thin, but, Loneliness is also happiness. Looking at an acacia, through the countless twists and turns of the soul, full of tenderness, is the warmth that cannot be interpreted by the wind, flowers, snow, and moon. Booking a heart entanglement, colliding with emotions, embracing tenderness, and speaking heart to heart.

Touching the beauty of recitation, there is no helplessness or sigh in the thoughts, only the warm wind, resting on the lines of poetry, whispering softly, laughing and singing happily.

Describing the nostalgia of a tree and a flower in a tomb, the throbbing heart is only for you, beautiful as ever.


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