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Published on: 2023-10-27 13:43
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1.In fact, life is also like the growth of a flower. As we grow, we should keep moving forward, accelerate our steps, and catch the best time for flowering. Our path of growth cannot always be smooth, there will always be many storms, but we must believe that we will win, hold our faith, bravely overcome various difficulties in the wind and rain, and live tenaciously. At that time, there will definitely be harvested seeds.

2. Planting details and harvesting habits; Sowing habits, harvesting success, sowing success, harvesting life. So, what does sowing and harvesting yield? The harvest is happiness.

3.When we were young, we would always hold onto our small hands and jump to the beach, holding shovels and buckets to find seashells, shoveling sand, and putting beautiful and beautiful seashells into the buckets, then comparing them to seashells. On the way home, holding a shell, listening to the sound of the sea inside the shell, I felt surprised. How could there be a sea inside the shell? At that time, what I gained was a pure childlike innocence.

4. There is no gain without giving, how can we talk about taking without giving? Taking is something that everyone is willing to take. Harvest is also something that everyone likes, because everyone has their own desires. Grass growth requires gentle rain to nourish, sunshine to warm, and gentle wind to care for; Without drizzle, sunshine, and gentle wind, it will wither, weaken, and even wither.

5.Looking back, I have left deep footprints on the land we have worked hard on. I believe that we will all reap the abundant fruits. The flowers on campus are rich and colorful; The trees on campus are strong and upright, the people on campus are sincere and enthusiastic, and the campus is colorful.


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