New application example of Tianhe high speed and high power downhole motor

Author: vch12401749
Published on: 2022-10-09 19:11
Classification: Company News

The high-speed and high-power downhole motor manufactured by Tianhe is used in domestic oil field wells. The one-time well depth is 1600-1800, the deviation section, and the pure drilling time is 60 hours. The secondary well entry is in well rang 54-25, 2074-2208 deviation section, and the pure drilling time is 74 hours. Three times of well entry, depth 1978-2425, deviation section, pure drilling time 127 Hours. The depth of four times entering the well is 1708-2180, and the pure drilling time is 77 hours.

In the four drilling tasks, this downhole motor showed very superior performance, accurate deviation angle, easy tool surface control, and the total pure drilling time reached 338 hours.


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